Hey folks!

The idea of this blog has been on my mind for sometime, and it means so much to me that your here to check it out. Although I will admit, my writing skills are a tad rusty, I am asking you to stick with me through the turbulence of learning to blog. There is so much I want to get out into the world, but here is where I want to start:

‘edu•Kate•ion’ has been created for educators to help you take your classes outside to learn.

There are so many barriers to learning outside, and I would argue that the barriers are absolutely worth climbing over: the rewards far outweigh them!!! BUT that doesn’t mean those barrier vanish. They exist. They stink. They are money, and time, and curricular connections, and equipment, and bad weather. I get it. But that’s where the blog comes in! Here are my four objectives:

  1. Lessons: Craft lessons based on BC’s New Curriculum that you can pluck off the site, and use.
  2. Activities: Maybe you already have a unit or lesson created, but just need to figure out how to bring your students outdoors in a meaningful way. Activities can be used in a multitude of grade levels and subjects and aren’t lesson specific. I’ll do my best to connect the lessons to how I think they could be used in meaningful educational ways.
  3. Resources: This will provide you with links, research, grants, and supplementary resources you can use to make facilitating outdoor learning as easy as pie (think: equipment lists, parent letters, etc.).
  4. Inspiration: As educators, we need to share our successes! I hope to share with you some of my experiences taking students outside, but I would also love to see what you have done. Through the blog and social media, I hope to share some outdoor learning inspiration that will contribute to weaving outdoor learning into our daily teaching practices. If you would share your successes, please use the hashtag #edukateion or e-mail

If you have any suggestions or if there is something you would like to see on the site, please let me know.

Until next time,


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