Nurturing Inquiry: School Ground Observations

Nurturing Inquiry: School Ground Observations

Author: Evergreen Canada (Melanie Bergelt)
Grade(s): 1, 2 ,3, 4
Season: Any
Lesson Length: ~40min
Topics: observations, questions, habitats, community

Description: An important building block in the inquiry process is close observation and the questions it generates. In this activity, students act as scientists in research teams to explore different school ground habitats. Students practice outdoor group work skills.


  • 5 Teacher-drawn school ground maps
  • Pencil & Clipboard (1/student)

Curricular Connections

Ontario – Grade 4
Topic: Life Systems
Strand: Habitats and Communities
Specific Lesson Goals:

  • Classify plants and animals that they have observed in local habitats according to similarities and differences (i.e. location)
  • Formulate questions about and identify the needs of animals and plants in a particular habitat

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