Global Goals String Activity

Global Goals String Activity

Author: Practical Action
Grade(s): 6
Season: Any
Lesson Length: Flexible, (at least 10minutes for the String Activity)
Topics: Sustainable Development (Climate, Citizenship, Economics, Ecosystems, Energy, Agriculture, Health, Human Rights, Water, Land Use)

Description: This easy to implement activity provides an effective demonstration of the interconnectedness that characterizes the Global Goals for Sustainable Development.  Students representing individual ‘goals’ arrange themselves randomly in a circle and look to connect to other students with goals related to their own  by passing a ball of string.  After passing the string, the student must articulate what the connection is.  The result is a visual web and a tactile representation of integration of all 17 Global Goals.  Links to icons for each goal are included in the lesson.


Curricular Connections

British Columbia

Grade 6– Big Ideas
Complex global problems require international cooperation to make difficult choices for the future.

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